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Thank you for visiting Deliverance Chronicles.  The goal of this site is to provide those seeking deliverance all of the resources to facilitate the deliverance process, this is done by providing all of the tools to help those seeking deliverance.  The tools include resources such as videos on the topic and downloadable literature provided free of charge to be downloaded and shared.  We @ Deliverance Chronicles also provide mass deliverance, personal prayer, and ministry.  So if you’re an individual that needs prayer, a group, a church that needs training.  We at Deliverance Chronicles Ministries can facilitate your requests.  We encourage that you make contact with us through the various methods.  we have provided live chat and an email request forms for you to do so. We thank you for coming to deliverance  We pray that the Lord Jesus Christ leads you to liberation.  We are also asking you to supporting this ministry you can do it by clicking the link below 


Thank you for your support, God Bless

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