About Us

Deliverance Chronicles is a ministry that God has tasked us to run along with forerunners, the men and women who carry the mantle and anointing for deliverance. The Deliverance Chronicles Team walks into dark places bringing the light and power of Jesus Christ. The goal of this ministry is to bring the ministry of deliverance out of the shadows and into mainstream denominations by teaching and preaching the message of liberation. This liberation includes spiritual warfare, casting out demons, and healings from demonic illnesses through the power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We break curses, covenants, hexes vexes, generational and ancestral covenants. Removing spirit entities such as soul invaders and demons, breaking soul covenants and ties. Deliverance is the ministry that Jesus walked in every time he spoke, deliverance gives people an opportunity to be set free. Jesus spoke of deliverance as it being the “children’s bread”. It is part of our covenant benefit that allows us to be set free from spiritual maladies that manifest themselves in the flesh whether it be sickness, lack, poverty, sexual identity issues, brokenness, or inner healing issues.  These issues prevent the soul and the body from being whole. We provide mass deliverance, family deliverance, and individual deliverance for those who want to learn deliverance methods, the teaching of the fundamentals, as well as group Instruction.

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